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  • Focusvape Pro S Premium - Small

    FocusVape S Pro Premium

    Comes with the bong-style bubbler attachment
    • OLED display with two-button control
    • Powerful, user-replaceable 3200mAh Li-ion battery
    • Pass-through charging and haptic feedback
    Can vaporize:

    Aromatherapy Blends

  • Plenty Vaporizer - Small

    Plenty Vaporizer

    High-quality, well-built, German construction
    • Extra-wide chamber for strong vapor and group sessions
    • 100% true vaporization with convection heating
    • Unique, wick-style design
    Can vaporize:

    Aromatherapy Blends Oils Waxes

  • AirVape X - Small

    Airvape X

    Ultra-slim, highly portable, and discrete
    • Large chamber, 25% bigger than the AirVape XS
    • Magnetic mouthpiece with advanced structure
    • 20 second heat-up time with hybrid heating
    Can vaporize:

    Aromatherapy Blends Oils Waxes

  • Arizer Argo - Small

    Arizer ArGo

    As powerful as larger vaporizers
    • Very low maintenance
    • Dense, full-flavoured vapour
    • Digital display and three-button control
    Can vaporize:

    Aromatherapy Blends