YLL Vape Vaporizers

YLL Vape Vaporizers

YLL Vape is an innovative vaporizer company that specializes in creating unique portable vaporizers with advanced heating technologies. Founded in 2019, the company has quickly gained attention for its distinctive approach to vaporizer design, particularly with its Angus series of devices.

The Angus vaporizers showcase YLL Vape's innovative spirit, featuring halogen heating systems and glass or ruby ball technology for enhanced flavor. With additional features like adjustable airflow and water filtration options, YLL Vape demonstrates its commitment to improving the vaping experience through creative design and functionality.

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  1. Angus vaporizer - Small
    Angus Vaporizer

    169 €

    • Innovative halogen heating
    • Heats up in 90 seconds
    • Dosing capsules included
  2. Angus Enhanced
    Angus Enhanced

    219 €

    • 100W halogen heating with ruby balls
    • Includes a sidecar bubbler
    • Adjustable airflow control
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