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Stationary vaporizers

Stationary vaporizers

Do you prefer staying at home most of the time? Then a stationary vaporizer is going to serve you well. Thanks to these handy devices, you don’t have to worry about charging a battery or carrying them with you. Instead, you simply plug them in and enjoy the best quality vapour available.

With options like the Volcano Classic or Arizer Extreme Q, you can look forward to getting your vape on in the comfort of your own flat. If you are ready to discover what makes stationary vapes so appealing, continue on to read about their many benefits.

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  1. Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
    Volcano Hybrid

    579 € 599 €

    • Pure convection vapour via whip or balloon
    • Heats up in under 40 seconds
    • Large digital display with touch buttons
  2. Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer
    Arizer Extreme Q

    149 € 199 €

    • For use with balloon or whip
    • Convection heating up to 260°C
    • Includes remote control
  3. Volcano Classic Vaporizer
    Volcano Classic

    379 € 399 €

    • Vapour via balloons
    • 9 temperature levels up to 230°C
    • Advanced and reliable technology
  4. Plenty Vaporizer
    Plenty Vaporizer

    219 € 249 €

    • Unique cooling steel coil
    • Top-quality, durable materials
    • Extra-wide chamber for group sessions
  5. Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer
    Arizer V-Tower

    119 € 165 €

    • Heat options from 50°C to 260°C
    • Triple heat sensors
    • 360-degree rotatable whip
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