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Arizer Extreme Q

149 €

239 € Save 90 €

Arizer Extreme Q - The Electric Vaporizer for Group Use
Arizer Extreme Q - The Electric Vaporizer for Group Use Arizer Extreme Q - Accessories Included Arizer Extreme Q - From the top Arizer Extreme Q - With whip Arizer Extreme Q - With balloon

149 €

239 € Save 90 €

149 €

239 € Save 90 €

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of Arizer Extreme Q on 09 Jan. 2019.

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The Arizer Extreme Q is a multi-functional vaporizer that can deliver vapor in just minutes. Manufactured using only top quality parts, the Arizer Extreme Q has the feel you would expect from a high-end vaporizer. Your vaporization experience can be customized to your preference by adjusting temperature and density with the remote control and then choosing to use either the balloon fill system or the extra long whip to get the vapor out.

As the design allows for easy passing (of either bag or whip), the Arizer Extreme Q excels at group use and is according to several professional reviews one of the, if not 'the', best vaporizer for group use. The technique to use vapor is easy to learn making it convenient for inexperienced users to participate.

All in all the Extreme Q from Arizer is easy to use, very efficient and the vapor feels great. This is definitely a strong candidate if you are looking for a price worthy, high-end stationary vaporizer.


  • Newest Version
  • Balloon Fill System
  • Vapor Whip
  • Remote Control for Convenient Use
  • Auto Timer
  • Lifetime Warranty


Accessories (Included):

  • Instruction Manual
  • Food-Grade Vinyl Tubing
  • End Pieces
  • 2 Glass Cyclone Bowls
  • Glass Stir Tool
  • Additional Replacement Screens
  • Detachable Balloon System with 2 Balloon Kits
  • Potpourri/Oil Dish (Aromatherapy Bowl)
  • Remote Control


Arizer Extreme Q Newest Version

The Arizer Extreme Q has been redesigned and is now available in a 4.0 version. Several improvements have been made to enhance the user experience meaning a richer vapor that is comfortably consumed by either the included balloon bag or the whip attachment.  Its easy to adjust the temperature and density of vapor to your preference with the digital control and in case you forgot to turn it off there is an automatic shut-off power setting. The 4.0 model of Arizer Extreme Q has an upgraded, quieter fan and the glass parts are now made only with high-quality preheated toxin free glass.


On top of the unit is the revolutionary Cyclone Bowl that by standing vertically allows the air to be distributed efficiently and evenly unlocking the aromatherapy blends full potential in both aroma and potency. Inside is the high-quality ceramic heating element that is utilizing triple heats sensors to feed information to the clear and bright LCD display. The Arizer Extreme Q takes under two minutes to reach vaporizing temperatures which is excellent in comparison to other electric vaporizers.


Balloon Fill System

One of the advantages of Arizer Extreme Q over its little brother in the series - the Arizer V-Tower - is the balloon fill system. In almost every review you can read about the convenience of the three speed fan system that allows you to fully control the density of vapor filling the balloon.


Vapor Whip

Those looking for a traditional vaporizer experience can take advantage of the Arizer Extreme Q included extra long whip. The whip is of medical grade tubing which means no health risk or rubber feeling!


Remote Control

The Extreme Q feature a remote control system that is used to power the vaporizer on and off, setting the fan speed and also to adjust the temperature. The settings are easy to adjust and shortens the time needed to start vaporizing.



The electronics of the Arizer Extreme Q are covered by a 3 year guarantee while the ceramic heating element is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Additional Information

Can vaporize Blends
Manufacturer Arizer Tech
Size (length x width x height) 16,5 x 16,5 x 16,5 cm
Vaporizer Weight 370 g
Style Black
Power Source Plug-In
Heating Element Ceramic
Vapor Delivery Method Balloon | Whip
Country of Manufacture Canada
Warranty 3 years

Reviews of Arizer Extreme Q

Average Rating :

4.7 Based on 52 ratings:
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Lovely vaporizer

Is there pie?
I just got one too for Xmas and LOVE it. I had that same problem where the first bag or 2 there was little to no vapor. Then bags 3-5 were packed with vapor. If you put too much herb in it , it won’t give off vapor or it’s not hot enough. After it heats up to your desired temp, let it sit for a min or 2 then put fan on med and it should work great. 4 stars!


I just got my Extreme Q 5hrs ago and I’m impressed. It’s more compacted than I expected, good thing. I do wish the power pack was built in but this way it does give you a long cord. It burns efficiently and quietly. Using the fan while using whip is great. The Volcano is 3-5x more expensive and is limited to just the bag, that’s nuts. Ok volcano might last longer but If I have to replace It out of the 3yr warranty (lifetime on heater) I can buy 5 of the Q’s and still be ahead.

One of the best vaporizers I have ever owned

I was so satisfied with it I bought a second one! The only thing I dislike with this vape is the fact there is no valve on the balloon. It’s really not a big problem if you suck it down quick, if not it gets quite annoying to hold especially if you’re using it with a friend. The whip works great especially if you kick on the fan! I have honestly never had a problem with it in over a year. I highly recommend it if you’re not trying to break the bank.

Use it right and it's awesome

The Extreme Q is great for several reasons. It works great but (and I hate to say this) don’t follow the instructions and pack the elbow screen instead (I use about 1/8g per session(4 good rips)). Set temp for 200C-220C and go (takes about 2min to heat up)(any higher and you risk burning the herb and releasing the bad stuff that comes with combustion). Thick vapor clouds and then save the used herb (toasty brown and smells like roasted peanuts) for making tinctures. Clean the whip and elbow with ever clear and add to tincture. If you don’t plan to break the bank, this is a good steal! Would recommend.

5 stars

The Hiro
I really like the Q and using the balloon method. I suppose I will be able to afford the Volcano one day as an upgrade but for now this is very awesome and I use 1/3 of the meds I used burning them. I must agree the effect is the same but a little better IMO. I really like how easy it is to set up and use. I find the remote very handy as well. I have reduced my insomnia “herbs” usage by 2/3 by using this vaporizer vs. smoking. I also received excellent customer service. Thank you!


So I recently purchased the Extreme-Q as my to go choice DESKTOP vaporizor and OMG, I couldn’t be happier. True, this is the ONLY desktop I have ever owned but GOLLY JEE WILIKERS does it do the job right. Vapes smoothly, I put it at arizer setting 230°C and it gives me quality vaping at that range. And this vapor is damn clean. And it is definetely comparable to the volcano, somewhat underneath it, but a damn good alternative. I have tried the volcano so I think I can make a fair assumption on that matter. Lastly, anyone who bitches about the rubber part being really hot probably has glass fingers because the rubber doesn’t get that hot. THE GLASS does.

OK but not the best

The Airizer Extreme Q is a poor man’s volcano. Having both, I can say that the airizer heating element is about 1/4 the size of the volcano’s. You get what you pay for. The airizer works well with very small amounts of dry herb, but it quickly gets bogged down by larger amounts. Tip tho: use a fan to generate more vapor when using with a whip.

I recommend it alot

Aromatherapy Connoisseur
I inherited an Extreme Q and I love it, though I haven’t tried balloons, only the whip. I use many herbs in the vaporiser, if you are interested in aromatherapy and herbal medicine vaporising dried/cured herbs is much better for health and more efficient than essential oils as you can activate different components of the herbs at different temps, not just those components which make a pleasant scent. I think slightly moist works best, after all vapour is moisture – so don’t dry out your herbs. Vaping herbs is also far less messy than oils and I will often smoke the vaped herbs through a water piece after they are vaped out. Different herbs activate at different temps and many are fun to blend. There is loads of info out there. Would recommend this product!

Excellent vape

The ExtremeQ is a fantastic vaporizer with amazing quality through and through – it will last! I have had one since January and I absolutely love it. The remote is actually very convenient and it is really easy to fit the glass mouthpiece into the rubber elbow, just put the tip in ;) I made the mistake of putting it in fairly deep and had some trouble getting it out. This product is a very good investment and I recommend any stoner to get it, especially at this price!

Optimal for sharing

I bought mine this february and absolutely love it! The remote is actually pretty handy because turning the fan on the module requires browsing through a menu, but with the remote you can press a predetermined temp by pressing one button. This is my first vaporizer and hopefully not the last. It is definitely a nice vape to own. I would recommend this to those who are looking for those who would like to share their vapor. One downside is that there are a lot of glass pieces I worry I might break! Over all tho, I really liked this!

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