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The TightVac MiniVac keeps your herbs fresh and the smell contained inside
TightVac - MiniVac 0,12 L
7 € 9 €

The best way to store your herbs is in an original TightVac MiniVac! After adding your herbs and closing the lid, push the button to pull the air out. Your herbs are now kept fresh and no smell is leaking out from the MiniVac. To open, push the button again and remove the lid.

The TightVac MiniVac has a capacity of 0,12 L which fits approximately 10 to 30 grams of herbs, depending on the herb density. Thanks to the innovative design it's extremely strong, completely airtight, and fully water-resistant.

This USB Charger from Storz & Bickel is a great supplement to a Crafty or Crafty+ vaporizer.
USB Charger
11 € 15 €

This USB Charger from Storz & Bickel supports 2.0 A at 10 W and is a great supplement to any vaporizer charged by micro-USB.

Protect your AirVape Xs GO with this Shell.
AirVape Xs GO - Shell
19 € 25 €

The Shell makes the AirVape Xs GO water-resistant, smell proof and easier to keep clean, making it a perfect accessory if you spend a lot of time outdoors. It also has an extra compartment to store some dry herbs.

Intended for use with: AirVape Xs GO.

Make sure your vapor always is pure with this 6-pack of Screens for the AirVape Xs GO. Includes 3 mouthpiece screens and 3 chamber screens.
AirVape Xs GO - Screens
10 € 13 €

The AirVape Xs GO Screens are what you need if you want to replace the included screens.


  • Mouthpiece screens (3)
  • Chamber screens (3)

Intended for use with: AirVape Xs GO.

AirVape Xs GO - Wax Pad Insert
AirVape Xs GO - Wax Pad Insert
10 € 13 €

With the Wax Pad you can vape concentrates like waxes and oils with your AirVape Xs GO. Simply insert the pad in the chamber and put your concentrate on top of it.

Intended for use with: AirVape Xs GO.

Need an extra Mouthpiece for your AirVape Xs GO? This is the accessory you should get.
AirVape Xs GO - Mouthpiece
10 € 13 €

The AirVape Xs GO Mouthpiece has everything you need to replace the original mouthpiece.


  • Magnetic mouthpiece (1)
  • Screen (1)
  • Ceramic air flow box (1)

Intended for use with: AirVape Xs GO.

The On Balance Champion is a Pocket Scale that can weight up to 500 g with 0,1 g accuracy
Pocket Scale - 500 x 0,1 g
19 € 25 €

The original On Balance Pocket Scale still retains its reliability and accuracy after all these years. Perfect for measuring your herbs or concentrates! The On Balance Champion weighs up to 1000 grams with a 0,1 gram accuracy. It fits in most pockets and can be brought with you everywhere! 

Capacity: 1000 g, 35,28 oz
Accuracy: 0,1 g, 0,01 oz
Units: g, oz, dwt, ozt
Auto shut-off: 60 seconds
Batteries: 2x AAA batteries (included)
Dimensions: 118 × 80 × 20 mm
Weight: 140 grams


  • Newest version! (2021.12)
  • Lightweight & discreet
  • Hybrid heating
  • Powerful battery life that can be used while charging
  • Fast heating time
  • Easy to use

Who is the AirVape Xs GO for?

The AirVape Xs GO is a great choice for both beginners and experienced vapers due to its minimal size and high performance. Compared to its predecessor, the AirVape Xs, this vapes has a smaller, more discreet shape guaranteed to fit in the palm of your hand for ultimate discretion. It’s easy to use as there is only a single button control and a selection of five temperature settings to choose from. So, if you’re looking for a compact vaporizer that produces quality vapour without hassle, the AirVape Xs GO will make you satisfied.

Compact Design

A top selling point for the AirVape Xs GO is its impressively small size. It’s specifically manufactured to fit into virtually any pocket or purse without feeling heavy and it only weighs just 57 grams which makes it easy to bring with you anywhere. The mouthpiece is magnetic and it’s is easy to remove when it’s time for a new load or for a cleaning.

Hybrid Heating

The AirVape Xs GO utilizes both convection heating (heated air) and conduction heating (heating via contact), allowing your herbs to be evenly heated for maximum efficiency. Combine the hybrid heating with a dual filter system present in both the mouthpiece and chamber and you will get a vape that’s guaranteed to deliver tasty and thick vapour clouds every single time. The AirVape Xs GO may appear small, but it hits way above its weight class.

Pass-Through Technology 

Portable vaporizers have almost reached the same capacity as stationary vaporizers, but one of the previous disadvantages was running out of battery and having to wait for it to charge before being ready to continue the sessions. AirVape Xs GO solves this problem thanks to its use of pass-through technology, meaning you can both charge and use this vape at the same time! The battery has a decent capacity (1200 mAh), so you might not have to use it every day, but the days you do need to use it, it’s a lifesaver.

Easy to Use

The AirVape Xs GO has a single button to carry out all functions, making it a very good option for beginners who might not need all the advanced features of usually included in the more expensive vapes. To make things even simpler, this vape has a built-in packing tool meaning you always have the opportunity to stir your herbs in mid-session.

You can choose from 5 pre-set temperatures (180, 190, 200, 207 and 215°C). Changing and selecting a specific temperature is super simple with the button and won’t take many seconds. However, if you enjoy having full control over your vaporizer’s temperature degree selection, you may find the AirVape Xs GO a little limited.


The AirVape Xs GO comes with a 3-year warranty by MagicVaporizers and an additional limited lifetime warranty through the manufacturer.

AirVape Xs GO

In the Box

  • AirVape Xs GO vaporizer
  • USB cable
  • Cleaning tool
  • Packing tool
  • Screen
  • Instruction manual
AirVape Xs GO


More Information
Size: 2,5 × 10,0 cm
Weight: 57 g
Heating: Hybrid (Convection+Conduction)
Heat-up time: 20 seconds
Power source: Battery (1200 mAh)
Temperature: 180°C to 215°C
Manufacturer: AirVape
Warranty: 3 years+
Country of manufacture: China
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