TightVac - MiniVac 0,12 L

9 €


The TightVac MiniVac is designed for preserving your herbs, keeping them as fresh as the time they were first put in. 

Press the button while closing the lid to activate the vacuum function, effectively removing air, securing freshness, and preventing odors from escaping. This feature keeps your herbs in great condition and your storage discreet.

With a 0,12 L capacity, the MiniVac is capable of holding between 10 to 30 grams of herbs, depending on their density. The container itself is incredibly sturdy, airtight, and resistant to water, safeguarding your herbs against all elements.

Planning on storing dosing capsules in the TightVac? Get a custom made Capsule Holder for it. With a capsule holder, you can organise your capsules and make them secure for transport.

The Capsule Holder for Small Capsules fits dosing capsules from Tinymight [6×5], XMax / XVape [6×5], Wolkenkraft [4×5] and Flowermate [3×5].

The Capsule Holder for Large Capsules fits dosing capsules from Storz & Bickel [7×4] and dosing capsules for the Angus vaporizer [4×4].