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Boundless Tera V3

219 €
Boundless Tera Vaporizer
Boundless Tera Vaporizer Boundless Tera - Included Boundless Tera - Mouthpiece Switch Boundless Tera - Top Boundless Tera - Chamber Boundless Tera - Batteries Boundless Tera - Glass Mouthpiece Boundless Tera - Plastic Mouthpiece Boundless Tera - Water Pipe Adapter Boundless Tera - Box
219 €
219 €

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of Boundless Tera V3 on 27 May. 2019.

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If you're looking for a vaporizer that combines high performance with excellent versatility, you can't go wrong with the Boundless Tera. Alongside vaporizing both dry herbs, wax concentrates and oils, this dual-use unit offers users precise temperature control and interchangeable mouthpieces for a truly customisable experience. 

Best of all, unlike some other devices which sacrifice power to pack in more features, the Boundless Tera excels in both quantity and quality thanks to its unique combination of top-notch components. Dual batteries heat up the vaporizer's stainless steel chamber in less than a minute and provide up to 50 minutes of runtime per charge. This, alongside flexibility and ease of use, is what makes the Tera such a great choice for solo users seeking an all-in-one device as well as groups with diverse tastes and preferences. 

Available in Black.


  • Compatible with dry herbs, wax concentrates and oils
  • Large stainless steel chamber for effective heating 
  • Precise temperature control up to 220 °C (430 °F) 
  • Concentrate mode for vaporization at 260 °C (500 °F)
  • 30 to 40 second heat-up time 
  • Lasts for up to 10 sessions 
  • 100 % convection heating with conduction benefits 
  • Ergonomic design with convenient magnetic closures 
  • Works with 3 swappable mouthpieces: plastic, glass and water pipe


Accessories (Included)

  • 2 x LG 18650 2500 mAh batteries
  • 5 x stainless steel chamber screens
  • 2 x mouthpiece screens
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Swivel plastic mouthpiece
  • Water pipe adapter
  • Concentrate stainless steel pad
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB charger

Minimal Form Meets Maximum Function

At roughly 10.5 cm tall by 5.5 cm wide (4.25 x 2.25 inches), the Boundless Tera may be too large to fit into most pockets, but its ergonomic design is unrivalled. It pairs a simple, curved body that feels comfortable in your hand with a top-set display so you can see temperature and battery levels without releasing your grip. While this vaporizer's form is minimalist, however, its functionality is anything but. Improving on the Boundless CFV, the Boundless Tera is powered by two 18650 batteries which can be charged via USB in just a few hours or swapped out as needed. These batteries heat up the herb chamber quickly and efficiently, keeping the vaporizer running for 7 to 10 sessions. Boundless have also complemented the user-friendly shape of the Tera by adding user-friendly features like easy temperature controls, haptic feedback capabilities, and secure magnetic mouthpiece and battery closures. 

Customise to Your Liking

One of the Tera's most inviting features is its high degree of customisability. Entry-level and veteran users alike will love and easily use the precise dry herb temperature controls which allow you to set the device at any temperature from 60 °C to 220 °C (140 °F to 428 °F). Just remove the mouthpiece to load your herb, then power up the device and select your temperature using the buttons on either side. Once it's heated up (which takes around 30 seconds for 185 °C and 40 seconds for the maximum temperature setting), you're ready to inhale.


But the Tera doesn't stop at dry herb—you can also use it to vape wax or oil at 260 °C with the concentrate mode. Similarly to loading in dry herb, all you need to do is dab wax or drip oil onto the provided pad before activating the concentrate mode by pressing the power button 3 times. If that's not enough customisation for you, Boundless also made sure you had 3 different magnetic mouthpieces to choose from. The plastic mouthpiece is ideal for convenience, swivelling into a folded position as needed. If clean, smooth vapour is most important to you, the glass mouthpiece is the ideal cooling air path. And for fans of classic water filtration, nothing beats the pure, cool vapour you'll get with the water pipe adapter.

Powerful and Efficient Heating

The Tera's ability to produce such smooth, intensely-flavoured vapour is all down to its heating method. This vaporizer uses 100 % convector-based heating, but it also offers the benefits of a convection-conduction hybrid thanks to its stainless steel heatsink chamber. As each session progresses, the convection heat builds up in the stainless steel to add passive conduction. The Tera then uses this heat combination to fully extract all the vapour from your herbs while preserving the taste compounds. You get all the power of dual heating without the drawbacks of a true convection-conduction hybrid, so there's no need to stir your herbs during sessions. Just remember to take long, slow draws to get the purest vapour out of this unit.



All Boundless Tera vaporizers sold by MagicVaporizers, an authorized distributor of Boundless Vapes Technology, are completely authentic and backed by a 2-year warranty.

Additional Information

Can vaporize Blends, Oils, Waxes
Manufacturer Boundless Vape Technology
Size (length x width x height) 4,0 cm x 5,5 cm x 11,0 cm
Vaporizer Weight 279 g
Style Black
Power Source 2 x LG 18650 2500 mAh batteries
Heating Element Ceramic heating rod (100% convection)
Vapor Delivery Method Direct
Country of Manufacture China
Warranty 2 years

Reviews of Boundless Tera V3

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I have no quarrels with the boundless Tera. On the contrary, I am quite happy with it. Having the water pipe was the cherry on top of the cake. It just made the entire device much better. I could not believe this vape came on a budget because for its price, it has exceeded my expectations. A few months with the Tera and I am still impressed. Vapor quality is uncompromised and temp controls are varied and accurate. Heat-up time is impressive as well. I especially appreciate that they have allowed higher temps for concentrates which makes for a more enjoyable session.

Overall good value

Bobba the Carbo
The Tera is satisfactory. It is a good device that will give you your money’s worth. First of all, I like the device’s simple and straightforward design. It can also be used for concentrates and dry herbs. Eitherway, performance is the same and remains satisfactory. I have enjoyed my sessions with the Tera since vapor quality is fulfilling, plus I get dense clouds from it. If the Tera is your nth vape, it would be easy to get long draws for a more flavorful and excellent vapor. The Tera also has a solid build and a nice glass mouthpiece. There may be a few things that can be improved, yes, but the Tera is still worth everybody’s attention for showing us a good mix of budget, performance and power.

Good for short bursts

I have always enjoyed using the Tera. So far, I have not had a disappointing session with it. The water pipe just ups the satisfaction level. I use my vapes for dry herbs but Tera is also good with extracts. I have tried it with concentrates and I must say performance is consistent. My only beef with the boundless Tera is that it can get a little too hot after long sessions. When I experience that, I automatically get disappointed. That was a downer, but overall, this was a good vape in terms of function and vapor quality. The Tera was made to last long, so it would have been great if it was built to withstand longer use without the device getting too hot.


This is liiiit! I love the boundless tera. For me, it looks and feels good. Heating time is fast and charging time is reasonable. This vape can probably outlast me in the night. It has a longer battery life than most of portable vapes, around an hour or so, plus the swappable battery is an important extra. That is definitely a plus for Tera! It has a larger bowl size but it is perfect enough for me. I also get cool and tasty vapor from this device so I have no regrets in purchasing this. I think this is also decently priced so overall, a great vape!

Hits like Mohammed Ali

Purple Urkle
The boundless Tera is heavier than most portable vapes. It is not pocket-size, so if you are looking for those kinds, then a pen vape or something would be more suitable for you. The Tera is a device you can FEEL. I do not know about you but for me, this adds to the factor why I like this device. What sets the Tera apart is its water pipe adapter. The sessions are really WOW if paired with the water pipe or bubbler. What’s more is that it has a good range of temp that can accommodate a higher temp setting for extracts. Now, that’s versatility. You get your money’s worth with the Tera.

Smacks your right in the noggin'

Best quality of the boundless Tera that overshadows some of its competitors in the market? It is a hard-hitter. My goodness, this device is potent and very effective in getting you high. It has a larger bowl and can take up more herbs, but trust me, you will achieve your intended effect after a few hits. This is really good in getting the job done. It produces very dense herbs that gets the job done. This is why I am always rooting for the Tera because aside from the fact that it is friendly to the pocket, it does not dilly-dally in getting to your desired effect.

Nice like a summer breeze

There is no way to use the Tera best than with the water pipe. Vaping experience with the Tera is always, always better if paired with the water pipe. Trust me. I also appreciate the glass pipe but wished it was quite longer. Anyway, vapor quality is tasteful and I get dense clouds from it. One thing that I would say is that aside from the Tera getting a bit hot at the end of the session, it is also not the easiest to use. Although it is a budget vape, I think there are more vapes that are friendly to beginners. I would go far as to recommend a stationary one, but to each his own. The Tera has its ups and downs but I reckon it is still a good device.

Worth every euro

In the world of budget vapes, the boundless Tera stands a really good fighting chance. Its battery life is one of the longest, plus it features replaceable batteries to secure your sessions even while travelling. It also has a very fast heat up time, that readies the device in just about 20 to 30 seconds! The build and design looks solid to me and I am very much happy with its powerful performance and tasty vapor. It has a larger bowl so micro-dosing is not really an option here. Nonetheless, it is a good device that offers vaping both herbs and concentrates and so far, puts out a solid and consistent performance.

I like this vape very much.

The Tera is good for long nights! You can immediately see it has big batteries that will be good for the long haul. And they’re replaceable too! Yey! It is now my preference to look for portable vapes with replaceable batteries since portability equals a shorter shelf life. Naturally, the swappable batteries are the best solution to this, so I carry a fully-charged spare when I go party or out somewhere. I switched to vaping to stop from smoking, and the Tera has been very helpful with this transition. It gives me cool hits and great flavor.

Almost got the 5

There are quite a few things I’m really happy about the Boundless Tera, but let me start with the design. Yes, aside from performance, I do look and judge a product by its appearance. Certainly, the this vape is easy on the eyes. It boasts an ergonomic design and is curvy (I like curves so high-five to the designers!), which makes it comfortable to hold. Okay, performance wise, the Boundless Tera gives high-quality and tasty vapor. I am also happy with the battery since I get at least 50 minutes of uninterrupted vape time with this device. Of course, the changeable batteries add to the convenience. Heat up time is around 40-60 seconds and temperature control is crazy accurate. Overall, I am a satisfied customer!

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