XMax Starry - Dosing Capsule

5 €

Looking to better prepare for your vaping sessions? This dosing capsule is identical to the one included with the XMax Starry V4, for those who want additional one(s).

Pre-fill it with your preferred dry herb blend and stash it in your pocket or bag so you are ready when the opportunity strikes.

Unlike directly filling the oven, using the dosing capsule is a cleaner, easier process. You can pop the pre-loaded capsule right into your vaporizer when ready to vape.

When you are done you won't have to mess with scraping residue out. Just replace the capsule with another capsule and your oven stays clean!

You can clean the dosing capsule by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol and then rinsing it under warm water.

Intended for use with: XMax Starry V4.