Silicone Bowl Scale - 100 x 0,01 g

25 €

The Silicone Bowl Scale from On Balance is the ultimate scale for weighing herbs and concentrates. It includes a large collapsible silicone bowl that, when expanded, provides a spill-safe area for weighing your material and when the bowl is collapsed it can be latched with a lid to keep the scale safe from knocks.

The results are easy to read from the extra-large LCD with pink backlight and the built-in overload protection helps prevent damage to the scale. Other features include automatic piece counting, power-saving auto-off after 3 minutes of inactivity, tare/zero feature for subtracting the weight of a container or expansion tray, and easy one-touch calibration.

Capacity: 100 g
Accuracy: 0,01 g
Weight: 271 g
Dimensions: 12,3 x 7,2 x 1,9 cm
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty


  • Silicone Bowl Scale
  • AA batteries (2)