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MagicVaporizers Reviews - What our customers have to say

Total 4.75 out of 5 stars. Based on 348 Reviews

Flowermate Aura

Suprised by Krda87

For the price my expectation was not to high. Now it has been with me in some weeks and it is working very good. Im very happy. It is better then my odl vaporizer and for that I payd 250 (euro). The battery time is long and every thing is working very fine. I am suprised. Think you can make price higher for it) Thank you.

Flowermate Aura

Cant get better by larsaa

Im shocked! This price and this quality! Normally one gets what one pays for but here you get more! I purchased it with no expectations, but its actually working really well! And like always it came really fast from ordering. MagicVaporizers delivers again! If I had to say one negative thing about this piece here I would say that it feels too light! Might sound silly but I like when thing have some weight! Ofcourse, it doesnt really matter but…. To sum it up; Works really well and costs nothing. Buy it.

Flowermate Aura

Best for this money! by Mornlov7U7

For this money you cant find a better vaporizer, and for me no problem spend more for this . but why I should when this is good quality also. First time I come to here (magic vaporizers) and I only have positive pictur. From my order to I hold the Flowermate Aura in hand it is 2 days. It is nothing. Thank you very much. I also glad it gives very good taste.

Flowermate Aura

Good by Shash

I was looking for a new vaporizer to buy and came across this one. Saw the reviews and thought that its def worth a try at this ammount. Said and done, in no time it arrived. I have now been testing it and using it every day for more than one week. It gets the job done, without a doubt. Sure, some things are not as good as they “could have” been. But again. Its 88 euro and it works. What more do you want? I think it’s a good buy and I dont regret buying it at all! Opposite. Im glad I did because I saved money :)

Flowermate Aura

Did it! by Blake

Needed a new vaporizer at low cost, fast. Got recommended to visit this site, came here and found this Aura Vaporizer at 88€ and no extra charge for transport ! Good function showing when articles ships if ordered before a certain time! Mine arrived in a tuesday after orderering on a saturday. Thats fast imo. And yeah, it works as promised aswell! A Bargain!

Vapir Prima

Good service by Countacchh

The vaporizer itself is an OK one, not fabulous but not at all bad either. But why I really write is to thank the good people behind this site. I had some problems with my Prima when it first arrived. For no extra charge they just sent me a new one! I even got to choose another color (I thought the orange one would be cool but I changed my mind and went for the Silver instead). And the new one has been working good at all times! Like expected it can get a bit hot but its not a big deal. Its just 169 Euro and it definitaly gets the job done :) So Im satisfied with the vaporizer and ofcourse the shop! But since the first piece had some trouble I give it a 4 of 5. But the shop is 5 star!

Vapir Prima

Its O.K.! by Mantas

This is first time I buy on the webpage Magic Vaporizers. All worked well, correct deskription and fast shipping service. Also no extra charge for this shipping, very good. This was my namber 2 Vaporizer. Its working very well and I m much satesfied. Design is totaly perfect and I have Blue model. For me not matter about battery time I only use at home this but I think its OK also. So. It works very well and this shop was fast and good so therfor I can recomend it also!

Vapir Prima

magic :) by veljko

Another magic vaporizer from magic vaporizers, ofcourse. Had it for many month now and IT IS VERY StABLE AND GOOD! but, yes it can get hott! But also get cool fast and also cost 169!! I can honestly say Im ready pay double for this!! ++ Free shipping that is great!!

Vapir Prima

Really good. by Jermi__9

My old vaporizer died and I needed a new one Fast! (and Cheap :o) So came to this webshop and was surprised over the laoýout and detailed info. My order was recieved 3 days after order (Spain) and has been a good friend since. We spend much time on the beach together and enjoying the sun :) Thanks alot Magicvaporizers.com! And yes, it look as neat as in the pictures in reality too!

Vapir Prima

great by de-stress

its now been almost half year with this vaporizer so time to write i think., pretty heavely used, mostly weekends. still has a stron battery but i thiink it was a liittle bit better in the start. not sure. anyway no problems using it, mostly in the house but also when walking the dog etc and never no problem with battery. except for when forget to charge it haha. im very glad for this vaporizer at this price. very worth it!

Flowermate SWIFT Pro

Love it by Jayson

I love this one. Chose the green one ofcourse. Looks really sleek and nice and gives a lovely taste which none of my other vaporizers could deliver! Had some questions before ordering and the support here was very good and fast answers. Got delivered within only 2 days!! Never tried this site before but will definitly order here again IF I ever get tired of this one :) High quality product that needs more recognition

Flowermate SWIFT Pro

all good by haakun

its a good vaporizer this piece. best function is the heat, can choose EXACT temprature. not like my old one that only had some preprogramed temp-levels! Quality feel could be a liiitle better but anyway it works very well so not much to argue on. Im satisfied! /All the best from Hungary!

Flowermate SWIFT Pro

Cool thing by Ryda91

I wanted to buy the blue one but says its only possible to order black and green? maybe out of stock? I got a black one but will get the blue as soon its availebaly. Very cool design and smart to have the display at side! Uniqe! Have a stationery arizer for home and this I buy for walk in the sun:) See you soon again Magicvaporizers! Thank you.

Volcano Digit

Royal vape by BudBoy

First I think maybe its overrated, or just overpriced. I bought another one, cheaper one, then my brother bought this one… When a visit him later that year I understood. Its not overrated, its not even expensive! You must have it to understand it :) Sprzedam! :)

Arizer Extreme Q

Nice! by Jovica

Price is very low for qualitie like the one this. Remot , display, every thing has very hy qualita. Super fast shiping - I order on Friday and have it Tuesday – amazing ! super! Think it was hard to under stand when packed up but very very easy for me to use this vaporizer. Very very smart also it have the sleep timer funktion. Super! My friend see this on my room and we try it and get sleep haha! Next day my friend order also this one !! but it delivered also long hose so many friend can be use at same time. Best ever vaporizer I think.

IOLITE Original

nice little vape by Bryon

For a thing like this I really like that it has no charger. Perfect for a walk :)

DaVinci Ascent

very good by Dennis

Many companys selling things on the internet describe them as great but when you get the product you can easily see that its not. But this DaVinci Ascent is really all that great as in the description! I bought a carbon fibre model and it looks as great as it works. Im really glad I bought this! I have tried a few vaporizers over the years but this is, so far, the best. No problems what so ever. Good duration on the battery too. The delivery time was really fast and I got a really good impression of this site. The described delivery time was accurate, the product was described exactly as how it is. Just great! Nothing bad to say!

Flowermate Aura

bad user experience by unhappy

Very slow heating (up to 2 mins - note 5 min auto off) Mouthpiece made of low quality plastic - cracked within a month after purchase. Poor stamina on battery. Versatile and convenient to carry and accurate temperature control.

Volcano Classic

Kenny by The King

This is the king of vaporizers. Like the Rolls Royce is when it comes to cars. Also Magicvaporizers seems to be king of the vape trade :=) Mailed a few times with these guys and they are really enthusiastic and fast at replys! Offers free shipping with shortest delivery time possible! Yeah it cost a bit more than other vaporizers but wtf, you even get a grinder in the package! Not much to say here really, just get it!! The design itself is worth it hehe…

PAX 3 Vaporizer

PAX 3 by Andy

Excellent unit! Very enjoyable use & performance for dry herbs. I highly recommend.

Arizer Solo

Purchase and shipping by marco

I can just write about the purchase experience and the shipment: everything perfect and super fast! Didn't try the Arizer Solo yet.

Arizer Solo

Love it! by Rocco

Ok- Everything about this vape is just perfect! The quality is the highest. The battery time is long. It heats fast! It creates great tasting vapes too! I saw the price, read the reviews and thought - what could go wrong? Its now been 2-3 months and it works and looks like new! (everyday use) Love the way this shop displays how much time is left for getting delivery the next day. this way you have time to read a little about the vapes and do some research :) Great!

Arizer Solo

super by jozef

I had this only 2 week now but can say it very very good! Im much happy I buy this! Shipping was only the 2 days! This vaporizer become warm very fast and it tastes very good. I use other one before and it taste kind of strange I think :) I did not read this reviews before buying the old vaporizer I have. I see now it has a couple of bad reviews. this has most good so I now feel safe. And mAgicvaporizers looks to be a serios company so anyway I not worry. Thank you very much!

Arizer Solo

Best vaporizer! by Stephan

Best vaporizer from the best seller! Magicvaporizers delivers each time! But now I think it will be a while before I order again! Im soo satisfied with this vaporizer!! Really easy to use,no strange features or weird buttons. Really created out of my dreams :) Heats faster than all other vaporizers Ive had (5 pcs) and altough Ive only had it for a few weeks now I can feel it will serve me for a long time :) Only negative I can say now is: why didnt I order this earlier?! Like always it came really fast for free shipping too!

PAX 3 Vaporizer

Mind blowing! by Daniel

Hello guys! I got a Black Pax 3 for a little pre-market testing by Magicvaporizers. I have tried it out for a week now and i can see this be a big-seller! Its not a complicated vaporizer so it will be sootable for anybody to. The concentrate insert works like a charm and im so happy i can finally vaporize wax with my PAX. VERY elegant piece, really good looking ! Works very well and is a must for any vaporhead. It really looks discreet , nobody will ever tell what it really is :)) Once again - thank you and hear from you soon!!

AirVape Xs

Impressed! by Anwar

Im impressed! I live in UK and received my Airvape just 2 days after ordering it! Nice work guys! Vape looks really neat and works just fine. Get one yourself and try :)

AirVape Xs

I like it! by crook

I like this vaporizer alot! My old one broke (stopped heating after a few months, not a AirVape). So I needed a new one and gave this one a try. Works alot better than my old one which was even more expensive. The design is also a lot better. Warms fast, charges fast, no troubles,.. I can recomend it!

AirVape Xs

So far so good by Yes-man

This is a affordable and good vaporizer! I was looking for a few days on the web before placing my order. I kinda looked pass this one for some reason but I took a chance and placed a order! It arrived really fast and it has been working just fine since then (2 months). The pictures dont do justice to the airVape XS, it looks alot better IRL. Works very well and I think it is highly worth its price!

AirVape Xs

cool! by Druvan

Second time i come here. 3 year ago I buy Arizer solo from here. For this money it has to be one of the best vaporizers to buy? been using mine almost 24/7 for a few months now and no problems. I chose a midnite blue one becaus my car is that same colour :) looks a feels very very good! the shipping was like the name magic! almost faster than if i go to a store to buy somehitng ;) magicvaporizers.com really is a Great shop I think! So.. Vaporizer: Good. Shop: Good. 5/5!

MIGHTY Vaporizer

Fire! by fire1

Oh this is great! In all possible ways! Is anybody NOT satisfaid with this vaporizer?? Think not! Same goes for this store...really nice with good and needed info. and fast delviery times! and this is a high cuality product people! Pay the price! its wourth it! pay less and you get less of vaporizer :))) thanks very much to Magicvaporizers for this great product, and greatest store!

MIGHTY Vaporizer

Very satisfied customer by Stefan

This is my first time ever buying something like this online. And it is also my very first vaporizer. And I only have positive things to say about all this! Was in contact with the support before buying and they guided me through this vaporizer-jungle really professionally, so thank you very much for that! And when I finally ordered, the delivery time shown on the page was very accurate! So thank you again. The vaporizer itself is really beyond what I imagined. I understand now why its called the Mighty Vaporizer. It really is! Dont bother buying the cheaper models. /S

MIGHTY Vaporizer

All you need by josh

this mighty vaporizer is all you need. it has good battery time, high quality feeling, nice display, makes very good vapor and looks really fancy too. after you trie this you will never be able to use the cheaper models :) first i think it is to much money for vaporizer and the ones for 80 euro will work just as fine. i have one cheap one and this one. but i now never use the cheap one, will throw it :)

MIGHTY Vaporizer

The best by robert

I have had a few vaporizers now but they all fail at som point. Maybe becaus I only buy the cheapest ones! Now I didnt look at the price, only the facts. It says that this is the most powerful vaporizer and it has good reviews. I bought mine in the summer (got it very fast, thanks alot MagicVaporizers!) and it has been working perfectly ever since! And it is really powerful! So Im so far very satisfied with my Mighty Vaporizer! Have nothing negativ to say about it. If you are willing to pay the price, you will not regret it!

MIGHTY Vaporizer

Mighty it is! by RMH

Yes this vaporizer has a well earned name I think! I have had a Volcano stationary for over a year and I didnt know they made portable also. When I see this and its also made in germany, strongest portable etc. I couldnt help myself. I had to get one! I made my order on a sunday and recived it on tusday! Crazy! Thanks alot for the best vaporizer shop and the best vaporizer!! (Portable hehe)

DaVinci Ascent

Magic! by PE17

Magic Vaporizers rules!! Hope the guys working with the site really reads this! You got the best vape shop! Fastest delivery, only great products and the best support! And the site itself is always up and running! Simply the best!! Magic! And yeah, I got this vape and a stationary. Love the battery time on this, its perfect for outside use :)

Magic Flight Launch Box

This is it! by Dragonfly

I cant understand how I could have not seen this vape before, I started using vaporizers like 1 year ago, but completely missed this piece. very nice design and quality, works very vell too, no problems at all. the best about this site I think is that they show how much time is left before the vape can be shipped if bought! So you dont need to stress about anything here, this my third time bying from here and I always got my deliveries on the time written. Magic :) and yeah, now that I got this Magic Flight box I never use my other vapes anymore

DaVinci Ascent

Nice indeed by Timbus

Its a nice little vape this one, too bad its not available in carbon fibre anymore, but Im glad I ordered one before they sold out (?). And I can understand why they did, they just look so freakin awesome with carbon fibre. And the digital display on there, really nice vape. Works without worries too and so its a great complement for my V-tower. the feeling of the mouthpiece is really nice, not like some others with that rubbery feeling. Very satisfied, highly recommend it!

Magic Flight Launch Box

for life! by pablo

this comes wit lifetime garantie which is the best about this one. I have this, another portable and a station one. I think every tru vaporlover should have this. its a great little thing. very very easy to use and never no trouble wit it. also I must say magicvaporizers.com seems very very serious busness. super quik delivery!! thank you so much!! and anybody want to buy this vaporizer do it, its for life!!!

Magic Flight Launch Box

Coool ish! by Don J

What the heeell is this!? :) Was my first thought when looking at this. Is it even a vaporizer?? After reading about it and watching a video review I decided to give it a try! Everything I heard about it just made me more and more interested. And Im happy I ordered it! It is really fun using this vaporizer. The absolut best thing about this "MFLB" is the size, amazingly small!!

Magic Flight Launch Box

Get it!! by Kamil

I think everybody should have one of these! Its like the iphone of vapors! Works just as fine as others but the looks of this vape is just too good to be true :) I got two friends to buy their own MFLBs after seeing mine :) And I think magicvaporizers.com has the best price on these? Anyway they dont charge extra for shipping which is great. And the shipping time was basically a nights sleep haha! So..The best vaporizer at the best vaporizer-site! Need I say more??

DaVinci Ascent

So stylish! by RickRock

This vape is just so stylish! Many vapes looks good on image but IRL they look like crap. This one has a quality feel to it all the way. other that, I dont know what to say really. Its been working good for me for almost 1 year now and the shipping time was super great! It came within only 2 days So.. You wanna get a good looking, good working vape, get this one. Also, love the nice little bag that comes with it! :)

Magic Flight Launch Box

Rock on ! by Rocky

First I will say that MagicVaporizers.Com deserves an applause! Best place on net for vapes. Ok. This one is my favourite vape. I actually have two; one maple and also one walnut that I just purchased. The maple Ive had for over a year now. Works fine, the maple I just got it and its like a dream version of the maple one :) this is a great innovation really... If you consider yourself a VAPER then you need to have one of these :) If I must say something negative about them its the battery time but really no problem at all... And for this price too, no wonder its called the king of vapes..!!

DaVinci Ascent

Everything you could ask for! by Rojvan

This vape has everything you could ask for! The design kills it! I purchased mine some months ago (my second vape) and I just love it! My old vape was nothing I could bring outside, it dissappoitned me everytime with either low battery lever or it just didnt work correctly. But this has a long battery time so its good for trips! I once charged it fully, put it in my bag and went away. It had been in my bag for 3 days (in cold, warm and on a train) and when I finnaly got to use it just worked without any doubts! Thats what I call a quality vape!


Different in a good way by Stan_

Ok this vape is something different and uncommon. But in a good way I mean that. I have had a IOLITE ORIGINAL for almost a year before I got this one. I was very pleased with it but wanted to upgrade. Really got to like the butan solution so I ordered a Black Wispr :) The best improvement on this compared to the Original is that you can see the butan level on this one. I just hated when I was outdoors with my Original and the gas got empty! But anyway, this is a really cool and good-working vape! If I had to say one negative thing about it its that its a bit noisy when warming but its no problem really.. I recommend it! Its def a high quality product that delivers!


Coolest vape by Lemontree

Wow, I thought this site was too good to be true when I first see it. "Ships tomorrow", good prices, only good looking vaporz. I gave it a try and Im happy for that! It came delivered as fast as it said. The price was totally worth it. And the vapor look really good! Nobody understands what it is when I walking around with it. And I ordered the orange one, Orange is new black :) If you think about buying this vapor, I think you should do it. I have good experience of this and it was 5-6 month since I make my order. Thank you Magic Vaporizers!


Cool with Butan gas by Jeff

I tried to do as much research I could about vaporizers before my actual purchase. But after reading and watching reviews for a few hours I understood that the vaporizers Magic offers is all of good quality and high standards. So I basically closed my eyes and just clicked on one of the many good looking vaporizers they offer haha. No not really but at first I was not digging the idea of a butan gas tank so much but I figured that I could give it a try (I like the odd things). And it seems Iolite is the only producer that supplies vaporizers with butan gas tanks? Anyway, Im very satisfied with my choice. So far it has been working perfectly without any issues. Warms up quickly, feels really good and looks really good as well! Nice one!


bargain by pierre

oh yes this is a bargain. this money is nothing in 2016. after i got it and start use it i think no other vaporiser can be this cool ;) i spend a lot of mine time on boats and i there for think this is a perfect salution. people ask me why i walk around with a radio :) i have only good things to say about this, and also about magicvaporizers.com with good delivery times and support. get it your self and you will see:) //pierre

IOLITE Original

Good price !! by Reza

I know that this vape cost more in some other shops,. so I think this is good quality vape for less money comparing with similar. I first think no vape under 150euro is ever going to last long. but I was wrong. Wich is good:) I especialy like it has no cables for charge. And quality feels good, no problem with the working of the vape. So it is a vape that I can very much recomend to other who think to buy it! buy it!:)

Boundless CFX

Dont just read go get one by Lasse

I was hesitant to order at first but now I regret that. The sooner you buy the better I now think. I also think MagicVaporizer dont sell any bad vapors. I think I would have been happy with either one I chose. But this is the one I chose and its great. Has a great quality feel to it and it looks very nice too. Order!

Arizer V-Tower

Great vape! by Onlinehustler

I was looking at this V-tower and the Extreme Q model. Since I am the only one to use it I went for this V-tower. Price was very attractive too. And speaking about prices, its good that Magic Vaporizers has free shipping: what you see is what you get. No weird extra fees or stuff like that. Straight forward site overall with lots of good info. Great reviews on here as well. Everything is in the same place, you just need to go here and everything you need is right here. Info, reviews, etc- So why wait, just order it! I will def be back soon!