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Vapir Prima

145 €

225 € Save 80 €

Vapir Prima Vaporizer - Available Colours
Vapir Prima Vaporizer in Orange Vapir Prima Vaporizer - Battery Charger Vapir Prima Vaporizer - In the box Vapir Prima Vaporizer - Vertical Vapir Prima Vaporizer - Available Colours Vapir Prima Vaporizer - Black Vapir Prima Vaporizer in Blue Vapir Prima Vaporizer in Silver

145 €

225 € Save 80 €

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145 €

225 € Save 80 €

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The Vapir Prima is possibly the most stylish vaporizer currently available. At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that it was used for storing high-quality perfume, but it's actually an effective and convenient way to enjoy your favourite aromatherapy blend. Available in the fun, fashion colours of blue and orange or in the more subtle, refined hues of silver and black, the Prima vaporizer has a brushed aluminium body, which is both beautiful and robust. Its compact dimensions and light weight mean that it can easily be stowed away in a pocket or bag and that it feels comfortable in the hand during use.

The Vapir vaporizer also delivers a high level of performance. The entire device has been built around its specially-designed heating chamber, which warms the circulating air before it touches your aromatherapy blend. This is intended to create an exceptionally rich and satisfying vapour, which is then delivered through a stainless-steel pathway to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. The (included) battery lasts for about an hour of continuous use or about 10 sessions of 5 minutes each. It is replaceable and operates on a “charge-and-swap” system so there will not be any interruptions to your vaping pleasure.

Available in Black, Silver, Orange and Blue.


  • Elegant design
  • Detachable parts
  • Handles sticky concentrates
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Fast Heat-up Time
  • Removable battery

Any Vapir vaporizer is backed by a name with a history of quality. The Vapir Prima stays true to this heritage being made out of the highest-quality components, from its brushed aluminium body to its powerful battery. The latest Prima vaporizer is the result of many years of experience, which has given Vapir a clear understanding of what users want from a vaporizer and how to deliver it to them.


Vaping connoisseurs will appreciate the fact that the Vapir Prima benefits from a uniquely-designed heating chamber, which actually warms the air before it comes into contact with your preferred aromatherapy blend. Novice users will be relieved to discover how easy it is to fill the heating chamber and to use the heating controls to bring the Vapir vaporizer to their choice of temperature. Users who want a portable because they are always on the go will approve of the way the Prima vaporizer can be filled in advance and then safely carried in a pocket without any danger of leakage (or unsightly bulges).


Accessories (Included)

  • Battery Charger
  • Charging Cord
  • Power Supply
  • Cap Sleeve
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Plug Brush
  • 2x Mesh Screens
  • 2x Cap Screens
  • Scoop
  • Instruction Manual

The Vapir Prima comes with everything you need to get started on your vaping journey. It shows the same level of attention to detail as can be seen in the vaporizer itself. We recommend starting with the instruction manual, which is very easy to understand. It will guide you through fitting the included battery, giving the device its first charge and loading it up with your choice of aromatic blend. A scoop has thoughtfully been provided to make loading as simple as it can possibly be. When you've finished, the cleaning tool and plug brush make maintenance a breeze, particularly since the vaping pathway is removable. Extra mesh and cap screens mean that you have spares in case of loss, while the cap sleeve will help to keep your vaporizer protected from scratches so that it always looks as good as it did when you first opened the box.


Benefits of using a Vapir Prima Vaporizer

Some vaporizers rather stretch the term portable, but the Vapir Prima genuinely is so small and light it can not only be easily held in one hand, but also popped conveniently into a pocket and stored tidily, even in a small bedroom or studio. An added benefit to the unique heating chamber is that it creates excellent airflow, which means that this device combines maximum aroma with minimum odour. This can be useful for ensuring harmony with people who choose not to vape (or who have different vaping tastes).


How to use

With your vaporizer charged and loaded, one button will turn on the unit and allow you to choose your preferred temperature. The LED lights let users know what the device is doing and when it is ready for use.


Temperature Settings

  • Level 1: 176°C ~ 182°C
  • Level 2: 185°C ~ 190°C
  • Level 3: 193°C ~ 198°C
  • Level 4: 198°C ~ 205°C

Vapir is honest about the fact that it is very difficult to guarantee absolutely precise temperature settings and prefers to give guidelines. Use the single button to toggle easily between temperature ranges.



All Vapir Prima vaporizers sold by MagicVaporizers are completely authentic and backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Additional Information

Can vaporize Blends, Oils, Waxes
Manufacturer Vapir
Size (length x width x height) 12,0 x 3,1 x 4,5 cm
Vaporizer Weight 621 g
Style Black, Silver, Orange and Blue
Power Source Detachable Battery
Heating Element Combination of convection and conduction technology
Vapor Delivery Method Direct
Country of Manufacture USA
Warranty 5-year

Reviews of Vapir Prima

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4.6 Based on 11 ratings:
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First is good

This is my first vaporizer and I really feel it good to have around. I mostly use it on weekends and it have been 7 months now but I have not faced any problem in the vaporizer. The heating is good as new and the vapours are dense and aromatic. The best part it is I can fully dismantle it to clean properly. It's good for a beginner like me. So if you are new to it, it's probably the best one to get.

Its O.K.!

This is first time I buy on the webpage Magic Vaporizers. All worked well, correct deskription and fast shipping service. Also no extra charge for this shipping, very good. This was my namber 2 Vaporizer. Its working very well and I m much satesfied. Design is totaly perfect and I have Blue model. For me not matter about battery time I only use at home this but I think its OK also. So. It works very well and this shop was fast and good so therfor I can recomend it also!

Good service

The vaporizer itself is an OK one, not fabulous but not at all bad either. But why I really write is to thank the good people behind this site. I had some problems with my Prima when it first arrived. For no extra charge they just sent me a new one! I even got to choose another color (I thought the orange one would be cool but I changed my mind and went for the Silver instead). And the new one has been working good at all times! Like expected it can get a bit hot but its not a big deal. Its just 169 Euro and it definitaly gets the job done :)
So Im satisfied with the vaporizer and ofcourse the shop! But since the first piece had some trouble I give it a 4 of 5. But the shop is 5 star!

Really good.

My old vaporizer died and I needed a new one Fast! (and Cheap :o) So came to this webshop and was surprised over the laoýout and detailed info. My order was recieved 3 days after order (Spain) and has been a good friend since. We spend much time on the beach together and enjoying the sun :) Thanks alot Magicvaporizers.com! And yes, it look as neat as in the pictures in reality too!


its now been almost half year with this vaporizer so time to write i think., pretty heavely used, mostly weekends. still has a stron battery but i thiink it was a liittle bit better in the start. not sure. anyway no problems using it, mostly in the house but also when walking the dog etc and never no problem with battery. except for when forget to charge it haha. im very glad for this vaporizer at this price. very worth it!

magic :)

Another magic vaporizer from magic vaporizers, ofcourse. Had it for many month now and IT IS VERY StABLE AND GOOD! but, yes it can get hott! But also get cool fast and also cost 169!! I can honestly say Im ready pay double for this!! ++ Free shipping that is great!!


Dank Punk
OK, so the short version is this is an amazing vape and you should be happy with it, but read on for more details.

I purchased this Vape as a replacement for the Ascent, which wasn't working as well after 9-10 months of relatively heavy use. I almost sent it back the same day I got it, but I'm glad I did not do that.

I was stoked to open the package and when I laid my eyes on the Prima, I was immediately impressed by its craftsmanship and the overall quality of the Vape. Cutting to the chase, I filled up the chamber, put the Vape in my pocket and headed out to pick up a fish taco and head to the beach for a taco and vape session, stoked to be alive and excited to try out the new Vape. My excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I reached into my pocket to make sure the Vape was still in good shape, only to find my pocket full of herb and the "lid" (metal piece covering the herb chamber) had come off simply by me walking with it in my pocket.

Unfortunately, I left my supply back at home, and I was forced to return home, get more herb, then drive back down to the beach (my fish taco was cold and disappointing as well by that time). My point being that this Vape is NOT designed to be a "portable" Vape, as it is marketed. Sure, it's not a desktop Vape, but it's certainly NOT one that you can just load up, throw in your pocket and whip it out when you need it. The "lid" that keeps everything in place does not have any sort of fastener to keep it in place. I think it just lightly "clicks" into place, but it comes off very easily.

With that being said, this Vape is QUALITY. It's hands-down the best Vape I've ever tried. The hits are plentiful, smooth and robust. I don't think the bowl is small at all (compared to previous vapes) and I have no trouble getting 15-20 solid hits out of it (and I don't even pack it full).

t's like a really good piece that you can take with you wherever you go, but you CANNOT load it up (or at least you're doing so at your own risk) and have it ready for when you need it. Perhaps I was spoiled by the Ascent, which has a chamber that clicks shut so you can fill it, then stick it in your pocket and pull it out whenever you need it. You can't do that with this one, but if you throw it in your pocket/car/whatever and pull it out when you need it and fill it up, you'll be good to go.

The detachable battery makes for easy charging. The components are of high quality and the Vape cleans easily. Some people seem to think it's defective b/c you can't get thick clouds of vapor when the lights indicate the unit is at temperature. However, those people misunderstand how Vapes work. The lights blink green to indicate that the herb chamber is "at temperature," not to indicate that vapor is ready. It's like an oven. Assuming you put a pizza in the oven before preheating, the pizza will not be done when the oven preheats, it has to cook at that temperature before the pizza is "done." Similarly, the green lights indicate that the Vape is at the desired temp. You still have to wait for the "pizza" to cook and release the vapor while at temperature.

Overall, I would highly recommend this Vape, so long as you know what you're getting prior to purchase. Again, this is not as "portable" as suggested by the marketing materials and reviews. Yes, you can stick it in your pocket, but you're going to lose all of your herb when the cap comes off - unless you're UBER careful while it's in your pocket. Just go to wherever you want to vape and pack it up there.

better and cheaper

easy to load, amazing clouds, pricey but my buddy has a crafty and mine is way better. rechargeable battery is a must and i can't say enough about the vapour quality, its just as good but he paid close to 400 € for his and when the battery craps out he knows he's stuck. honestly if you want that same vapour but save 150 € get this one instead. and it looks bad ass.

love it

its portability is amazing. perfect for any sporting event or outdoor adventure in waiting.

its alright but it gets hot

Works amazing and the airflow is much better than my other portables. It is very convenient to use so i see myself using it more often than my Firefly and the taste is comparable if not better because the clouds are just much larger. I just dont like that sometimes the back part get a bit too hot. Overall i am happy.

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