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Magic Flight Launch Box

99 €

109 € Save 10 €

Magic Flight Launch Box - Included Accessories
Magic Flight Launch Box Magic Flight Launch Box - Side Magic Flight Launch Box - Scale Magic Flight Launch Box - Including Magic Flight Launch Box - Package Magic Flight Launch Box - Maple Magic Flight Launch Box - Cherry Magic Flight Launch Box - Walnut

99 €

109 € Save 10 €

99 €

109 € Save 10 €

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of Magic Flight Launch Box on 05 Nov. 2019.

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The Magic Flight Launch Box serves beginners as a great first vaporizer while it also has a place in any advanced vaper’s collection. After revolutionizing the portable vaporizer market upon release, it has since been updated both in performance and design. You can now choose between the slick original Maple model or go for one of the exclusive-looking Cherry or Walnut designs. Peek at the additional pictures and pick a Magic Flight Launch Box that best speaks to your aesthetic!

As an American-made portable vaporizer with a 0.5 gram capacity that heats up in under five seconds, the Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the best choices for anyone trying to get the most out of their aromatherapy blends. It's tiny, but its vapour output is exceptional!

The Magic Flight Launch Box is very efficient, beautiful, and has that personal touch as each one is handcrafted from wood. There are also plenty of accessories, such as the Power Adapter 2.1 and Finishing Grinder, which can be purchased to further customize the Flight experience.

Buying a Magic Flight Launch Box from MagicVaporizers also entitles you to a lifetime warranty. Rest assured that their service is of the very highest quality as the company behind Magic Flight deeply cares for its users.


  • Portable – no cords or plugs
  • Fast heat-up time (less than 5 seconds)
  • Utilizes alkaline batteries (no butane)
  • Small (6.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm)
  • Simple to use
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty


Accessories (Included):

  • Cleaning brush
  • Magic Flight “ Straw”
  • 2 Magic Flight batteries w/ battery caps (Glyph version)
  • AA battery charger
  • Instructions
  • Elastic “travel bands"


Vaporizer Overview

Ever since its release in 2010, the Magic Flight Launch Box has been praised by users and is now considered one of the top portable vaporizers available on the market. It is handcrafted and comes in three different wood designs—Maple, Cherry and Walnut. Inside of the device, there are copper-plated steel rods powered by a rechargeable battery that quickly and efficiently produces vapour.


The Magic Flight Launch Box is the smallest portable vaporizer in the world, measuring in at only 6.3 (W) by 3.0 (L) by 2.3 (H) cm and weighing no more than 57 grams! Don't let the size fool you, though, as the two rechargeable NIMH batteries provide plenty of power to heat up your favourite aromatherapy blend and release its aromas.


For more information on how to make the most out of your Flight experience check out their Official flight guide.


Ease of Use

The Magic Flight Launch Box is easy to use: just grind your aromatherapy blend to a fine consistency, slide the lid to one side and sprinkle your blend into the fine mesh. All that’s left to do is close the lid and press a freshly charged battery into the side of the Launch Box to start enjoying your vaping session.


You can prepare, use and reload without delay as the instant-heat up starts producing vapour immediately. Just shake or stir the Launch Box in between.


One battery allows for 5 minutes of continuous vaping and one full load of aromatherapy blend can be inhaled between 4 and 8 times , depending on your usage and preferences. The Launch Box can even be used in windy conditions!


Ultra Quick Heat-Up Time

Once the nickel hybrid battery is inserted into the heating element, the Launch Box begins producing vapour in 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the battery charge. By utilizing infra-red (IR) characteristics in its design, it ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and then keeps it consistent. The temperature is calibrated at 190 °C and it takes the device 4 seconds to heat up. Once the temperature is reached and the vapour is being consumed, the Launch Box continues to monitor the heat so that the vapour quality stays the same throughout the session.



Keeping your Launch Box clean is easy since all you have to do is use the included cleaning brush to scrape the screen between sessions in order to avoid any residue build-up. 



All Launch Boxes purchased from MagicVaporizers come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, restricted to normal use. The rechargeable batteries are backed by a 6-month warranty.

Additional Information

Can vaporize Herbs
Manufacturer Magic-Flight
Size (length x width x height) 6,3 x 3,0 x 2,3 cm
Vaporizer Weight 57 g
Style Maple, Cherry or Walnut
Power Source Litium-Ion Battery
Heating Element Stainless Steel
Vapor Delivery Method Direct Consume
Country of Manufacture USA
Warranty Lifetime

Reviews of Magic Flight Launch Box

Average Rating :

4.7 Based on 57 ratings:
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Breath right!

If you only get the life box, it is a sneaky vaporizer. Now if you buy the wall adapter and water pipe whip, it is just as good as any of the big name products out there. You can most certainly taste the variety of strains and actually the MFLB is one of the better vapes for that "connoisseurs"... because its all in the user and his mastery of the Launch Box. Dry your herb a little. Let it get to the slightly crunchy stage. Grind it, to an almost kief consistency... then give it another go. You might be surprised.

Manual transmission

I have been an avid Launch Box user for many, many years. Comparing the experience of the Box after one or two uses to its fully-automated brethren like the Pax I/II, Atmos, or any other dry-herb vape is like comparing a car with an automatic transmission to one with a manual. The first couple of times you drive a manual is a bumpy, bumpy ride too, until you get the hang of it. It all comes down to proper filling and technique. You NEED to fill the trench with DRY, FINE herb; the drier the better, the finer the better. Like learning how to smoothly drive a manual, you need to -practice- with the Box for a week or two to get the technique down right, and when you do, I guarantee you that the Launch Box will, quite literally, put you into orbit.

One of the top vapes in this price range

I have three Magic Flight boxes. I keep different strains in each with a full trench. To get a fine grind, use an electric coffee grinder like the Mr. Coffee. Five seconds or so will do it. Ten seconds and it will be like dust. As for batteries, try the Imedion brand rather than generic rechargeables. These are similar to what MF supplies and they last a long, long time. The MFLB is a very good product.

So far so good

After several days of anticipation, my Launch Box arrived earlier today and I am very impressed with it. I love the small, discrete, natural looking design and I also like the nice words about love on the back. It's totally silent and leaves no odor behind, which, for a first-time vaporizer owner, is very nice.

After trying out the Box with a couple friends, I'm amazed at how effective this little thing was. Between the amazing efficiency and all the other nice qualities (no smell, no smoke, healthier), Good bye smoking!

Good if used correctly

To be honest, Magic Flight Launch Box is very hit or miss and recommending it isn’t easy. It’s a decent choice if you’re looking for a portable vape that’s affordable. As a result, the 109 € price tag can be pretty alluring. However, elegant, powerful, and versatile vaporizers that produces thick, flavorful vapor do come with a price. You might be able to find better options. But again, let’s not forget that you’ll be paying a lot more. Overall, it’s a pretty good device.

Stealthy and powerful

I love my MF Box very much because it grants me the freedom to openly walk around my town and enjoy the delicious herbs that I love most without anyone else being the wiser to it. Can't do that sort of stuff with a bic! I just can't get over how well it fits in my hand.....so concealable and low key. I love it! I gotta hand it to this vape....it works well. It gets the job done. Had the best session in my life with the little LB this weekend. Some buddies and I hiked up a trail to overlook our town. The sights and the vapors made it one of the best session so far using the LB..


<3 Simple
I have not tried a large number of vapes. But if my experience with the Vapir NO2 is like any of the rest, then I say again: JUST BUY THE LAUNCH BOX, and save yourself the money and grief. The Launch Box has nothing to fail! No switches, no electronics. It’s as simple a design as can be. You push the battery into the box to make contact, and the screen heats up in 5sec. I’m used to taking large draws, and the Box satisfies. You can take as little or as much as you want. Flip the box over, give it a shake, flip it back over and tap the contents back into the trench, and yer ready for another puff.

Learn the technique

I’ve had mine for a while. My technique was poor. My herbs were not well ground. And the batteries failed. I attempted to use it again recently due to health concerns, and the quality is incomparable. Technique is everything. Do not rush while using it. The manual that I did not previously read gives excellent detail on how to use it. Patience, though. Finely ground herb is best. The instructions to turn, tumble, and tap are important. And cleaning the trench is a must. And my battery charging situation was remedied by plugging a wall adapter into the charger included. The hits are great now.

Slow and steady wins the race

Pics and videos do not do this thing justice -- it is ridiculously small -- I'm talking miniscule. I have run one trench so far and I think that it definitely lives up to my expectations. I love this thing. I'm sitting in my office and I've been on the same battery for about 11 or 12 solid draws. I think there are a few more in there. I have got to say, this thing is super efficient. Slow and steady wins the race for Minnie (my launch box's new name -- I think it's fitting). Minnie and I have spent the last 2 days together...and I am in love. This thing is great!

Not for beginners

I just got one of these, and although it has a learning curve, it’s a great little vape. You need to have your herb ground fine, and although its small, and doesn’t make huge clouds of vapor, after a few tokes you will be stoned. Excellent design, clever battery and screen, small and discrete, and comes with everything you need. It has its ups and downs but once you get used to how it works, it works pretty well. Not sure if I would recommend it though.

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