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129 €
IOLITE WISPR 2 - Included in kit
WISPR 2 - The Newest Portable Vaporizer in Red WISPR 2 - The Newest Portable Vaporizer in Black WISPR 2 - The Newest Portable Vaporizer in Brown WISPR 2 - The Newest Portable Vaporizer in Orange IOLITE WISPR 2 - Included in kit WISPR 2 - The Newest Portable Vaporizer in Blue
129 €
129 €

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of IOLITE WISPR 2 on 30 Nov. 2016

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The WISPR 2 by IOLITE is the first premium vaporizer that's as beautiful in looks as it is easy to use. It's at home with every other high-end design object in your life and it works like a dream. Simply load it with the aromatherapy blend of your choice, switch it on, wait a moment and consume a dense vapor through its super-sleek mouthpiece.

The modern and upgraded design has made it beautiful looking and more effective than previous model WISPR. As the WISPR 2 is made with only high quality parts all around you can be certain that the vaporizer maintains its reliability over many years to come. The WISPR 2 is an innovative design that took the best out of IOLITE's other best seller - the IOLITE Original - and partnered up with the San Francisco design firm Think Tank for the looks, making it both effective and appealing.

Available in Black, Brown, Red, Orange and Blue.


  • Completely Portable
  • No Wires, Cords or Flame
  • Simple to Operate
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Variety of Colors
  • Quick Heat-Up Time

Accessories (Included)

  • Carry Case
  • Maintenance Tool
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 Pipe Cleaners
  • Filling Chamber
  • Mouthpiece
  • Fine Mesh Screen
  • 2 Mouthpiece Tips


WISPR 2 is the newest portable model from IOLITE. It features an upgraded butane delivery system and mouthpiece, designed to produce the best aroma and vapor density every use. The new body's grill allows you to stand the WISPR 2 up and check the butane fuel level easily meaning you will always know when to refill it.


Thanks to the WISPR 2 patented flameless gas catalytic heater and thermostat it's able to consistently deliver a smooth and dense vapor.  On a single full charge of butane this unit will allow you to vaporize continuous for up to two hours! As a light and stealthy vaporizer it gives the user complete freedom. One of the best choices for those that want to bring their vaporizers to places without electricity, like when camping or staying at a 5 day festival.


Quick Heat-Up Time

The WISPR 2 is one of the quickest portable vaporizers as it reaches it's optimal temperature of 210 °C in under 30 seconds! Due to the efficient butane heating it immediately start producing more, smoother and denser vapor than other portable vaporizers in the same price range. The foldaway silicone mouthpiece is soft and completely flexible making the attaching and cleaning a very quick process.

Temperature Controller

One of the most significant upgrades to the WISPR 2 in comparison to the WISPR is the improved ventilation and filtration system that enables it heat up quicker and also run up to 20 degrees hotter. The catalytic conversion takes place in an isolated chamber which allows the butane to heat the unit up to optimal temperature without ever coming in contact with your aromatherapy blend. While the vaporization is in process the used butane is expelled as harmless water vapor through the dedicated escape ports.


IOLITE Optimizer

The IOLITE Optimizer is an accessory to both the IOLITE Original and the WISPR 2 available to buy separately. The Optimizer is an innovative 3 prong piece that you insert in the heater chamber of your vaporizer. The 3 metal prongs acts as heat spreaders allowing your WISPR 2 to reach desired temperature a lot quicker than normal. If you want to speed up your vaporization process then the IOLITE Optimizer is a must-have.



All IOLITE WISPR 2 sold by MagicVaporizers is backed by a two year manufacturer's warranty restricted to normal use.


Additional Information

Remove Compare Link No
Can vaporize Blends
Manufacturer IOLITE
Size (length x width x height) 8,6 x 2,8 x 7,0 cm
Vaporizer Weight 126 g
Style Black, Brown, Red, Orange or Blue
Power Source Butane
Heating Element Stainless Steel
Vapor Delivery Method Direct Consume
Country of Manufacture Ireland
Warranty 2 years

Reviews of IOLITE WISPR 2

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oh yes this is a bargain. this money is nothing in 2016. after i got it and start use it i think no other vaporiser can be this cool ;) i spend a lot of mine time on boats and i there for think this is a perfect salution. people ask me why i walk around with a radio :) i have only good things to say about this, and also about magicvaporizers.com with good delivery times and support. get it your self and you will see:) //pierre

Love them, but reliability and longevity is an issue.

I have purchased 4 of them now. 2 of the 4 have leaky tanks and will go through a fill in only one session. One of them won't light anymore..... but the tank doesn't leak.
The other one I leave in Hawaii and it is still working well with less use.
I love the portability.....I love that I can walk around with it and nobody knows what it is. It is loud when it's heating, but with the advantage of no batteries and being able to just carry a butane can for refills it's perfect.
If they could improve the reliability of the unit I would give it 5 stars.....But if I have to buy a new one every 6 months due to failures, the shine comes off a bit
I have talked to the manufacturers and they have offered to fix the issues if I send the ones in warranty period back, but I have not done that and that is on me.
For some reason I just keep buying more of them....that may tell you something.

Always ready to go!

Otto the bus driver
First off, I'd like to say I'm very happy with the overall experience! Easy to deal with and fast shipping! Will buy from again :)

I received my Wispr 2 in the mail today, came well packaged in its shipping box. So far I am really enjoying it. My main intention for the Wispr 2 is for going camping and the cottage, I think it'll fit the bill no problem.

WISPR 2 Review

Ups: Heats fast, has butane level indicator, intense, low butane hiss

Downs: kinda pricy, not too great to hold (kinda awkward), thick vapor (depends on preference)

Overall 9.5/10

PS optimizer makes it a little better

Solid buy. Good vape!

So I know a bit about this. Vaper for long long time.
This vaporizer is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I love not having to deal with charging and it works just like it says on the tin.
Great company to deal with as well.

good for outdoor people

Linus S
This vaporizer is perfect especially if you hate charging batteries. Vapour is aromatic and the device works perfectly. Amazing staff at magicvaporizer...I love the grinder and they explained everything in detail!

So so

The Good
It worked fine and quickly when it did work. Battery time was good, especially compared to the mflb.

The Bad
With the end piece, and the option of bright colors, it isn't nearly as subtle as I would like. It also made veeery loud noises every time it would light, and couldn't fit in many pant pockets. It's 'portable' but I would recommend bringing your big purse... or your trailer.

The Ugly
Like other users I would have problems lighting it quite often. It wasn't really noticeable at first but it got worse much quick. The WISPR 2 seems to be designed to be a fashionable accessory more than a handy, portable vaporizer. I definitely recommend getting a vape, just not this one. Don't buy this.


Mata del Zinko
Well I'm not so sure about the other reviews haha, but it's pretty slick! Love the design, really simple to use. Could be a touch cheaper but real nice vape!

Excellent quality

Hans Olo
I can't believe this even exists! The Iolite wispr came in a small apple like packaging. It looks very stylish and fits into the palm of your hand. Portable vaporizers are gonna be the next big thing. The only thing I'm worried about is cleaning but it comes with 2 cleaning straws. I can't wait to see what new vaporizers are gonna look like in the future.

unmatched portability

Loving the portable-ness of this product... no wall plugin or waiting for the unit to charge. I have this in the black colour and it's a great design! Haven't had a problem with the unit yet (2 months), but i would suggest stocking up some butane for the year if you frequent the vaporizer.

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