Flower Mill - Premium Edition Grinder

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Flower Mill - Stainless Steel Plate Kit
Flower Mill - Stainless Steel Plate Kit
22 € 29 €

The Screen Kit from Flower Mill gives you the flexibility to customise the size of the grinded herbs to match your specific needs. It comes with four premium 304 stainless steel screens and an extra magnetic centre rod and screw.

  • The extra fine screen is recommended when you want to get maximum surface area and fast extractions which is perfect for microdosing with convection vaporizers.
  • The fine screen is recommended for most types of vaporizers as the herbs will be stackable and provide a good airflow throughout.
  • The coarse screen is recommended when your herbs are really dry and you want to avoid producing too much pollen.
  • The extra coarse screen is recommended when you need to grind up large quantities of herbs. Simply start with the coarse screen and then switch to a finer screen that produces the desired texture.

With the additional centre rod and screw, you can keep one screen set up and ready to go for a seamless swap with the one currently in use.


  • Extra fine screen
  • Fine screen
  • Coarse screen
  • Extra coarse screen
  • Centre rod and screw

Please note that this Screen Kit is only compatible with the Premium Edition Flower Mill.

The TightVac MiniVac keeps your herbs fresh and the smell contained inside
TightVac - MiniVac 0,12 L
7 € 9 €

The best way to store your herbs is in an original TightVac MiniVac! After adding your herbs and closing the lid, push the button to pull the air out. Your herbs are now kept fresh and no smell is leaking out from the MiniVac. To open, push the button again and remove the lid.

The TightVac MiniVac has a capacity of 0,12 L which fits approximately 10 to 30 grams of herbs, depending on the herb density. Thanks to the innovative design it's extremely strong, completely airtight, and fully water-resistant.

With the Silicone Bowl Scale from On Balance you never have to worry about spills when weighing again.
Silicone Bowl Scale - 100 x 0,01 g
19 € 25 €

The Silicone Bowl Scale from On Balance is the ultimate scale for weighing herbs and concentrates. It includes a large collapsible silicone bowl that, when expanded, provides a spill-safe area for weighing your material and when the bowl is collapsed it can be latched with a lid to keep the scale safe from knocks.

The results are easy to read from the extra-large LCD with pink backlight and the built-in overload protection helps prevent damage to the scale. Other features include automatic piece counting, power-saving auto-off after 3 minutes of inactivity, tare/zero feature for subtracting the weight of a container or expansion tray, and easy one-touch calibration.

Capacity: 100 g
Accuracy: 0,01 g
Weight: 271 g
Dimensions: 12,3 x 7,2 x 1,9 cm
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty


  • Silicone Bowl Scale
  • AA batteries (2)
The On Balance Champion is a Pocket Scale that can weight up to 500 g with 0,1 g accuracy
Pocket Scale - 1000 × 0,1 g
19 € 25 €

The original On Balance Pocket Scale still retains its reliability and accuracy after all these years. Perfect for measuring your herbs or concentrates! The On Balance Champion weighs up to 1000 grams with a 0,1 gram accuracy. It fits in most pockets and can be brought with you everywhere! 

Capacity: 1000 g, 35,28 oz
Accuracy: 0,1 g, 0,01 oz
Units: g, oz, dwt, ozt
Auto shut-off: 60 seconds
Batteries: 2x AAA batteries (included)
Dimensions: 118 × 80 × 20 mm
Weight: 140 grams


Stop pulverizing your herbs

Experience a new way of grinding with Flower Mill's patented design Premium Edition Grinder that rolls the herbs, gently crumbling them to a soft, fluffy texture.

How to use

Simply remove the top, place the herbs inside, and put the top back. Twist gently with even pressure, listening for a change in sound to indicate completion. Access your freshly grinded herbs by removing the lower catch.

Hybrid construction

Enjoy the benefits of food grade (304) stainless steel and lightweight aircraft grade (6061) aluminium, providing a safe and durable way of grinding your herbs.

Crumble instead of shred

Discover the extra fluffy texture, as the Flower Mill crumbles your herbs rather than shredding, ensuring a lighter and fluffier product. This helps vaporizers thoroughly extract the herbs thanks to the improved air flow through the herbs.

Perfect size

The specially designed rotor processes your herbs to the perfect size for vaping, leaving no partially processed herb behind.

Low effort

The Premium Grinder is easy to use, with a magnetic closure on the top lid and with a lower collector that only requires a quarter-turn for effortless removal.

Large capacity

With a deep chamber and no teeth taking up space, you can process up to 3,5 g of herbs at a time in this 2,5" (6.35 cm) grinder.

Easy cleaning

Fully disassemble all parts for complete access and thorough cleaning.

Swappable screens

The included medium screen delivers grinded herbs that is optimal size for most vaporizers by ensuring small enough pieces for efficient vaporization while maintaining easy airflow.

If you want more options, the Screen Kit (sold separately), contains four screens of varying sizes. The fine and super fine screens are perfect for maximising the surface area making them ideal for getting grinded herbs ready micro dosing.