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DaVinci Ascent - Water Tool Adapter

19 €
DaVinci Ascent Accessory - Water Tool Adapter 14mm
19 €

This is the perfect vaporizer accessory for your DaVinci Ascent if you want to use it with your favourite water piece. Simply replace the glass mouthpiece of the DaVinci Ascent with this straight Water Tool Adapter and then insert the other end into your water piece to create an instant water-filtered vaporizer!

Benefits include: 

  • Cooling and rehydrating of vapour

  • Marinating through an all-glass vapour path for pure aroma

Designed specifically for the Ascent vaporizer, the straight, all-glass water tool adapter is recommended specifically for aromatherapy blends. 

This DaVinci Ascent vaporizer accessory can be used in conjunction with any standard water tool with a 14 mm fitting.