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AirVape Xs

159 €

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AirVape Xs Vaporizer
AirVape Xs - Bowl AirVape Xs - Size AirVape Xs - Package AirVape Xs - Blue AirVape Xs - Rose AirVape Xs - Gold AirVape Xs - Side AirVape Xs - Top AirVape Xs Vaporizer

159 €

169 € Save 10 €

159 €

169 € Save 10 €

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of AirVape Xs on 15 Nov. 2018.

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One glance at the AirVape Xs is enough to show that it is a premium-quality device for a discerning user. As soon as you pick it up and hold it in your hand, you’ll appreciate how comfortable and light it is (70g). The premium metal case, crisp 3.3 cm digital screen and robust glass mouthpiece all give a strong hint as to the build quality of the interior. The highlight of the AirVape Xs is its ground-breaking use of a combination of conduction and convection heating. What this means in practice is that your favourite aromatherapy blend is packed into a ceramic oven chamber where it is heated gently and evenly (within a range of 93°C to 220°C) to produce the best vapour with the purest taste. The heating process takes just 20 seconds from cold to maximum and the AirVape vibrates to let you know when it is ready.

The new AirVape vaporizer will please both beginners and experienced users alike. Those who are new to vaping will be happy to discover that loading and heating the AirVape is as simple as it could possibly be so they will be taking their first, smooth draws in no time. Those with more experience will appreciate both the purity of flavour and the outstanding vapour production. The quality of the draws will impress even the most experienced and demanding of users with a clear absence of resistance and vapour which has been cooled slightly before it leaves the mouthpiece to guard against unpleasant burns. This is just one of the many discrete and thoughtful touches which help to set the AirVape vaporizer into a class of its own.

The AirVape Xs could very well be the most elegant vaporizer on the market today. It comes in a choice of four sophisticated colours: Mystic Grey, Rose Gold, Midnight Blue and Red Gold.


  • Stylish appearance and outstanding build quality
  • Feels very comfortable in the hand
  • Portable but powerful
  • Clear, understandable digital screen
  • Really easy to use, loading is very simple
  • Glass mouthpiece and ceramic oven chamber make for excellent purity of flavour
  • Herbal blends are heated gently and evenly thanks to the use of conduction and convection heating.
  • Heats up in about 20 seconds
  • Temperature range of 93°C to 220°C
  • Vapour is allowed to cool slightly before it is inhaled
  • 1300 mAh battery, recharges through standard micro USB
  • Haptic feedback (vibration) when the device is ready to use
  • Automatic shut off with haptic feedback
  • Can be used while charging 


Accessories (included)

  • Leather carrying case
  • 2x metal mouthpiece screens
  • Extra rubber mouthpiece tip
  • One pair of tweezers
  • Stainless steel stirring tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB charger cable
  • Wall USB adapter (EU)


Design features

Beautiful to look at, simple to use and impressive on the inside, the AirVape Xs takes all the good points of the original AirVape and makes a number of improvements based on user feedback. Starting on the outside, the new AirVape vaporizer has a very attractive exterior. Its compact dimensions, particularly its slimness, and its light weight mean that it will stow away easily in a shirt pocket. In spite of its delicate looks, however, the all-metal body feels reassuringly solid and robust. The AirVape Xs is more than capable of surviving a long trip in a full bag.


How to use

Using the AirVape Xs is so straightforward it’s a real pleasure. Once in the hand, the device is comfortable but almost invisible, making it a great choice for users who prefer to vape in an inconspicuous way. Loading the AirVape is as easy as removing the glass mouthpiece, filling the oven chamber below with your favourite aromatherapy blend, tapping it down a little and replacing the mouthpiece. Thanks to the 1300 mAh battery (and some impressive electronics); the AirVape Xs heats up in about 20 seconds.


The temperature range is from 93°C to 220°C and this is displayed on the clear 3.3 cm display, which also shows the battery life and the time left until the device shuts off automatically. The default setting is 3 minutes, but users can increase the time to a maximum of 5 minutes. There is haptic feedback (vibration) to alert users discretely when the device has heated to the required temperature and when it is switching itself off. Draw resistance has been practically eliminated and the vapour is allowed to cool slightly before being delivered through the mouthpiece, thus resolving the issue of vapour burn.



The outside of the unit stays always cool because the AirVape Xs uses an innovative combination of conduction heating and convection heating. Another major improvement over the original AirVape vaporizer is the use of a ceramic oven. Taken all together, this means that your choice of aromatherapy blend is heated very gently and evenly to produce the best possible vapour. The use of a ceramic oven also makes a great difference in terms of maintaining the purity of the taste of your herbal mixture. The glass mouthpiece contributes here too.


Wax Cup

Want to vaporize more sticky stuff? With the additional purchase of AirVape Xs - Wax Cup this great vaporizer becomes even more functional as it lets you vaporize waxes and concentrates as well, in addition to herbs, making it the only portable vaporizer you will ever need.



Everything considered the AirVape Xs is so powerful and effective that it could feasibly be used to replace a desktop vaporizer for users who live in very small spaces, for example in bedsits and studios. With this in mind, it may be helpful to mention that the AirVape vaporizer can be used while its internal battery is in the process of recharging. Furthermore, the device charges via a standard micro-USB port, the same as on most mobile phones meaning that there is always someone whom you can borrow a USB-cable from if, for some reason, you’re without yours when you need to charge it.



The AirVape Xs comes with a two-year warranty by MagicVaporizers and with additional lifetime limited warranty through the manufacturer.

Additional Information

Can vaporize Blends, Oils, Waxes
Manufacturer AirVape
Size (length x width x height) 5,0 x 1,0 x 11,4 cm
Vaporizer Weight 71 g
Style Mystic Grey, Rose Gold, Midnight Blue and Red Gold
Power Source Battery (1100 mAh)
Heating Element Ceramic oven (conduction & convection)
Vapor Delivery Method Direct
Country of Manufacture Designed in Venice, CA, USA. Manufactured in China
Warranty 2 years from MagicVaporizers, lifetime from AirVape

Reviews of AirVape Xs

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4.6 Based on 16 ratings:
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Stealthy, stylish and world wide warranty.

Xs was my first real vape. I used a few vape pens before i committed to "you'll most likely get what you pay for". And honestly, regardless of opinions bad or good magic flight is not really competitive pricewise now days. This stylish, stealthy full metal body with full temp control & fan function are just for the price best bang for the bucks. But cleaning this unit is a pain in the ass, the chamber is very small, great for single use /sessions but so annoying to get cleaned which also leads to overuse of oven/chamber screen-shields/guards. The same annoying cleaning difficulties will be repeated for cleaning the mouthpiece which is regretfully not made of ceramic as in the AirVape X model: it gets a little hot too hot. I would today buy the X modell but back when that was not available on the market. Nor will it be easy to change the battery let alone how that would limit the warranty.
And that warranty has saved my unit once, that is great customer service! The heat, the moist and the cleaning solvent leakage into the inner shells of the unit are the achilles heels of all portable vapes and world wide warranty is a lifesaver and the best friend you could wish for. I only had to submit case description and some photos, by email to get a replacement from US sent to Europe free of charge.

Airvape XS is really good and works well.

Smooth, cool hits and excellent flavor was enough to convince me that I bought a quality vape. The product itself looks really sleek and modern, very good looking. I get decent battery life out of it, easy temp control and no resistance on draws. Recommended it already to my friends who wanted a compact and portable vape. This is a reliable product. Have used it for three weeks now and have no problems with it so far. Spent around 150 euro to purchase this awesome vape and I have not looked back ever since! Five stars!

No problems with using it and recommending it.

Very good and I like the size very much. The AirVape XS is actually smaller than the new iphones and samsung phones around, so you have an idea of how compact it is. Such a reliable product. Good design, no resistance in draws, nice temp control and most of all, good vapor. I really like this vape and it is one of my favorites. It is well worth the investment, you can easily tell you bought something of a good standard. Also vibrates at the start and end so this is a cute addition.

I am highly recommending this!

Gien Chan
Loved my AirVape XS. One of the best portable vapes around in my opinion. From its look, you can immediately tell that it is a high quality product that was carefully made, unlike the cheaper models. Has so many coool functions. They added a component which doesn’t let the vape directly go from the oven to the mouth, so you ge t much more cooler vapor. This is best for herbs that are well-grind. Just make sure it is tight and snug in the chamber to get excellent results. No draw resistance as well. Impressive product.

Easy to use for beginners

New to vaping so I am looking for something portable and easy to use. With the AirVape xs, I got good results right away. Nothing difficult to understand in the loading of herbs and use of the unit. I recommend starting at around 170 celsius and then go slowly up if you want to get more vapor. Smooth hits as well. Heating time is also good, you wait for around 30 seconds. Overall, with how this product looks and how it performs, I have no complaints. A good vape to start with!

This is a good vape but I have had a few problems with it.

The vape cooler pop that can be placed in and out of the end of the mouthpiece was a cool addition but after a few use, realized that I can no longer do it easily. Takes a bit of effort and was actually worried I might have broken the vape. It is compact and I appreciate the effort put into it so it will be as portable, but a few issues do come up. Other than this minor glitch, I am perfectly happy with this vape. Hopefully the makers will add the improvements because this is really a promising product.

Worth it

First impression I had when of the AirVape is that it is elegant. I love the design and the size. Easy to hold and firs right in your pocket. I did my research before buying this vape and was easily convinced with how it looks and its functions. Description says it produces good vapor by combining conduction and convection heating, and so it does! One of the best vapor quality I’ve tried. Really good and flavorful. Very happy because it gives me smooth and cool hits. Very easy to use. Temp gauge is also very accessible and easy so you can easily try and test which temp suits your taste best. Loved it!

Small, cute, but sleek, slim and elegant.

So many good features and new additions in the AirVape XS! Had no issues with this product and my love for it just keeps on growing! First, this product is legit! One of the most beautiful vapes I have ever owned. If the competition is simply about appearance, then the XS may well be on the running for first place. Performance doen’t lag behind as well! The makers paid attention to detail . Incorporated feaures such as vibration when the vape is ready for use, easy temperature control (just press the plus or minus sign to get desired temp), and so many more! Worth it.

Very good vapor quality.

Love the AirVape xs both in its look and performance. Its durable and is very easy to use. Can use it for around 10 minutes or so so battery life is pretty decent. Also relatively cheaper than other portable vapes out there. If you are looking for a quality, compact vape, I suggest buying this one. Also doesn’t take long to heat up, only around 30 seconds so you can immediately use it. No waiting for 2 or 3 minutes. The unit vibrates when it is ready to use which is cool. Efiicient, excellent and very good value for money.

Be careful!

Wanted a compact and portable vape which gets the job done so I decided to buy the AirVape XS. Not much complaints here because I get good vapor and the hits are smooth and cool. Also very good looking if you care about appearance. My issues with it is that it needs a proper case so be able to take around. I mean, what’s the use of its portability if you cannot easily just bring it to places. Made the mistake of putting it in my pocket and the mouth piece started popping out. The oven and the herbs followed suit so I had all this mess!

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